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       After years of development we have come up with a rock that is both accurate in detail and cost effective to use.  FLEXROCK is semi rigid foam that can be custom made into any shape and size easily with nothing more than a knife and t-pins. Therefore labor costs can be cut to a minimum thus increasing your profit.

One Panel- Bobcat, Coyote size rock

Three panels– Bighorn Sheep, Mountain lion size rock

When used in combination with EZ-Dirt amount of rock used can be 30% less

When completed the rock is detailed, extremely light weight and soft enough not to chip when bumped slightly.


Customer comments:

“I love the rock, it looks so real”      C. S.

“Is that real rock? How heavy is that?”   K. K.

“That’s so cool, I love it.”   T. H.


# 10100         8.5 square feet panel                          $78.00

                      Specify grey or tan base coat when ordering


Using SW Wildlife Flexrock Panels.pdf


Great Stuff


Used with FLEXROCK to fill gaps and bond together


#10105      14oz           $6.95



FLEXROCK  Colorants


These colorants are concentrated and go a long way. Mix with water in a spray bottle and sprayed on to the rock. Colors soak into the detail of the rock. Can also be brushed on with a brush. Specify size when ordering.


#10528     Raw Umber (light brown)

#10529     Burnt Umber (dark brown)

#10530     Black


2 oz     $3.50

8 oz     $8.95



E-Z Dirt


        Finally a dirt that is easy and quick. Just spread evenly over your substrate of choice habitat. (wood, foam, plaster, paper mache) then throw real dirt from your back yard over E-Z dirt. Let dry and blow off excess the next day.  A great companion to FLEXROCK,  can be used on any clean surface.


# 10110          1 Gallon  Western Brown                      $26.00

# 10111          5 Gallon  Western Brown                    $115.00


#10120            1 Gallon  Black Dirt                              $26.00

#10121            5 Gallon Black Dirt                            $115.00



Custom Colors by Southwest Wildlife


        These paints were developed with ease and consistency in mind. Paints brush easily out of hair when dry and comes in a variety of useful  mammal colors. They come in both lacquer and water based and are airbrush ready.  When ordering use W at end of item number for water based, and L at end of item number for Lacquer. And specify size needed.



#10101        White                                           

#10201         Flesh                            

#10301         Deep Red

#10401        Gemsbuck

#10401        Light Kudu

#10501        Dark Kudu

#10601        Final Brown

#10701        Bushbuck Brown

#10801        Javelina Base

#10901        Spiral Horn Ear



2oz        $4.75

8oz         $8.25

Qt         $25.95



#10525         Sample kit  2oz of all colors– specify lacquer or water based   $32.00



Southwest Wildlife Hide Paste


        A clay based hide paste that has excellent tack. Brushes out of hair when dry, can be re-hydrated to make adjustments, cleans with water, and has slight filling properties ( for those small rolls and creases). And will not mold.

#10900                           1 Gallon                          $35.00

#10901                           5 Gallon                        $150.00



3# Polyurethane foam

       #10700         1 gal kit (includes 1 gal A and 1 gal B)          $92.00

       #10701         5 gal kit (includes 5 gal A and 5 gal B)        $350.00



Latex gloves Box of 100

       #10800        Medium                 $7.99

       #10801        Large                      $7.99 




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