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Terms and Conditions

Every effort is made to preserve all raw trophies. Outside of our control, we may receive skins that were mishandled in the field. We will do everything we can to save a trophy but if deemed necessary; we may need to replace the skin. This will be at the owner’s expense. We will contact you prior making the replacement to advise you of any additional costs.

A deposit is required for all work.


Shoulder mounts, Fish, and small Life-size; require a 50% deposit with the balance due upon completion. Large Life-size, and African work; A 25% deposit is required at log-in with 25% due when tanning is complete. The balance is due upon completion.

Migratory Birds; 100% of the costs and fees are due at log-in

Estimated time of Completion

We do our best to project a completion date when you log-in your piece; however, it can be difficult to estimate an exact date when the work will be done. Southwest Wildlife takes pride in not only our work performance and the final product, but also our service to you. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Upon Completion

When a project is complete, you will be notified. You will have 30 days to pick up the work, or arrange for shipment to you. If, after those 30 days have passed, you have not picked up your piece work, it will become the property of Southwest Wildlife.